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Welcome to DAG's Ark: Survival Evolved private servers!


Introducing FACTION WARS! In this new season of ark, we will have 5 factions that own specific territories on 3 of the Ark: Survival Evolve Maps. Build up your faction and prepare your defenses for War Days, where raiding is allowed at any level. Once the day has ended, you may consider your faction safe until the next War Day.

What does this mean?

  • No Structure damage on non war days. – Structure damage will be turned off unless it is a War Day.
  • No rules raiding. – Since raiding should only happen on Days that are pre-announced, you should be able to prepare ahead of time to protect your things and your land.
  • Your land your rules. – If you find someone in your territory, you are welcome to make friends or kill on sight. Your rules, not ours.
  • NEW Engram Management – Engrams will now unlock at each level instead of using engram points. Meaning when you hit level 10 all level 10 engrams unlock.