Welcome, Everyone, to the official Dark Age Gaming Website! What is Dark Age Gaming? Well, at the moment, it’s just an aspiration. My wife and I hope to one day make DAG into a community for gamers, by gamers, where we can share gaming news, community-generated content on YouTube and Twitch, and even host our own community servers for various games and game services. But, I haven’t even introduced myself yet. Hi there! I’m KnightAngelic. No, that’s not my real name.

Ark in the Dark Ages

Coming soon to an console and PC  located in your room. Get ready to join the crew on Dark Age Gaming’s very own Ark severs. We have 3 ark servers available with 10 spots available at a time on each server! Oh and did we mention we will also have community centers? BUT WAIT…there’s more. We are also offering start packs for a limited time. Interested? Hop on in our discord to find out more info on joining.

Ocean of Bandits…Wait..

Ahoy there matey, come and join our community on open seas. We love looking for treasure, hunting down those pesky skeletons and taking their skulls. MUHUHAHAHA…. oh sorry.. got carried away there. Check out our gallery coming soon with the best screenshots you can imagine!

Knight's Tale

Check out what Knight Angelic has to say about all the latest game news, bugs, and nonsense.



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